Everyone deserves a second chance.

Our compassionate team of experts are dedicated to assisting our clients to have their criminal record cleared.

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How to apply for a Pardon

Step one: Check your eligibility
ParDONE will assess your eligibility via a phone consultation. You can book your complimentary phone consultation HERE.
Step two: Complete your document and verify your identity
If eligible to apply for a pardon/record suspension, you’ll complete our onboarding form online and upload your identification documents.
Step three: Fingerprints and criminal record check
A friendly and capable team member will help you book an RCMP (RoyalCanadian Mounted Police) fingerprint appointment to check your criminal record. The RCMP report will come straight to us for assessment.  
Step four: Document collection a completion
We will gather all the necessary documentation required for your application and assist you with completing it. The completed package of documents are sent to the appropriate body for review and approval.
Step five: Record Suspended*
Approval can take 6 to 12 months to come through.
*We can guarantee that your application will be accepted. However, we cannot gurantee a record suspension / Pardon will be granted
Step 6: Enjoy your fresh start
A suspended record does not show up during criminal background checks and you don't have to disclose your criminal record on applications.
RCMP ACCREDITED Finger Printing Partners.
24/7 Access. See updates on your file around the clock.
Secure Portal. Our secure portal allows you to upload documents with ease.

Pardon Services Canada. Why Us?

We believe that you deserve an opportunity to start over.

Our compassionate team of experts are dedicated to assisting our clients to have their criminal record cleared. At ParDONE, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity for a better life. We believe that people deserve second chances and are capable of learning from their mistakes. We have an experienced and compassionate team of experts who are dedicated to helping you make a fresh start. We’ve got your back!
The winning team at ParDONE saw an opportunity to employ technology to reduce the complexity and high cost of obtaining a pardon. ParDONE received the $25,000 first prize. 

Mistakes happen. It is your legal right to apply for a criminal record suspension. 

ParDONE will obtain all necessary criminal background checks, RCMP reports, and court documents to  get your criminal record suspended.

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